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Crushed Stone & Manufactured Sand

Crushed Stone & Manufactured Sand

C&E Concrete obtains its crushed stone and manufactured sand products by mining rock and breaking it down to a preferred size. In the case of manufactured sand, we crush rock to a selected shape or texture, thus ensuring that it will meet the product and project specifications of our client.


Gravel deposits are the result of a natural weathering and erosion process. With concrete gravel, the result of this weathering and erosion can be used for roads, manufacturing, and decorative purposes.


Sand is a naturally occurring mixture of fine rock material and mineral particles. Its composition differs depending on the source of the sand, but most forms are useful for roads, aggregate concrete manufacturing, and sanitation. C&E offers a range of sand products, including but not limited to plaster sand and Albuquerque sand.

Ready Mix Concrete

One of the reasons concrete is so popular is that it can be cast into so many different shapes and still keep its unmatched durability. Ready mix concrete can be the perfect solution for your organization, and C&E Concrete maintains a fleet of trucks ready to transport ready mix concrete to your location.


Asphalt pavement is usually around 95 percent aggregate, meaning that it is largely composed of stone, sand, or gravel, with five percent asphalt cement used as a binder. This binder comes about as the result of oil refining, and it glues the aggregate components together.

Related Products

Limestone is one of the most versatile materials one can get from the Earth, with uses in roofing, agriculture, mine safety and more. C&E can provide you with a number of limestone-based products, but we specialize in Pulverized Limestone Products.

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  • Pulverized Limestone

    C&E Concrete's high purity limestone is sized to the customer's specification and in addition can be processed further and supplied as: Pulverized Limestone - or - Ground Calcium Carbonate - or Rock Dust - with grades of mean particle size from 20 mesh to 325 mesh.

    Availability: The plant also has the ability to produce high purity limestone that can be shipped in bulk, tote options (2,000lbs. or 2,500lbs.) or 50lbs. bags. Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request.

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  • Decorative Stone, Gravel and Rocks

    C&E Concrete is one of the largest suppliers of decorative rock, stone and gravel in Western New Mexico. With decorative stone available at wholesale prices and for bulk delivery and pickup, C&E can help you with any landscaping project. C&E offers bulk delivery of decorative rock to all of NM, AZ, and CO. Speak with a C&E specialist today to discuss your project and needs.

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  • C&E Concrete Distribution

    C&E Concrete's transportation is one of the largest heavy haul trucking fleets in the Western NM region, with access to over 120 trucks. The C&E fleet has enough diversification to handle any transportation and material need. C&E provides transportation services to General Contractors, Government Agencies, Residential Customers, and Agricultural Customers.

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