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In addition to C&E Concrete's ready-mix concrete, asphalt, and aggregates, we offer a number of other complementary construction products. Below is a selection of the complementary construction products we offer. This is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us for information on our other offerings.


Pulverized Limestone

(Calcium Carbonate CaCO3)


Limestone is one of the most versatile materials one can get from the Earth, with uses in roofing, agriculture, mine safety and more. C&E can provide you with a number of limestone-based products, but we specialize in Pulverized Limestone Products.

When pulverized, limestone can be mixed into cement, but one of our top applications is using it as a way to reduce the environmental impact of different kinds of industry. Pulverized limestone figures into the following environmentally protective products:

Exhaust Gas Scrubbers – Used in industrial and power plants, reducing environmental impact.

Scrubber Reagent – Where pulverized limestone is used in circulating fluidized bed boilers as a reagent material for sulfur removal. The process removes sulfur dioxide from plant emissions, making coal plants less environmentally damaging.

Agricultural Limestone or Ag-lime – Crushed to sand-size or smaller, limestone particles can be used to treat soil in order to reduce its acidity. This enables farmers to pull greater yields out of their crop land without having to resort to harsher, more environmentally damaging chemical options. The material also functions as one of the most cost-effective acid neutralization agents. Pouring crushed limestone onto soil reduces the acidity of the soil, making it more useful for farming and grazing.

Animal Feed Filler – Limestone provides the calcium carbonate that chickens must consume in order to produce strong egg shells, so it is often added to chicken feed as a dietary supplement. Limestone can also be added to cattle feed so that dairy cattle can replace calcium they lose when milked.

Some of the other applications of pulverized limestone include:

Roofing Granules – Crushed limestone functions as a heat- and weather-resistant coating for asphalt-impregnated shingles and roofing.

Portland Cement – Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general use around the world, finding applications in concrete, mortar, stucco, and non-specialty grout. Limestone is heated in a kiln with shale, sand, and other materials and ground to a powder. That powder hardens when mixed with water, and the resulting mix can be made into Portland cement.

Mine Safety Dust – Pulverized limestone can be sprayed onto exposed coal surfaces in underground mines in order to provide illumination and cut the levels of coal dust in the air. This improves air quality for miners and cuts the risk of explosions due to suspended particles of flammable coal dust in the air.

Drilling Mud Additives - used as an essential component in drilling mud.

Glass Stone - used as a primary ingredient in the glass making process.


This is just a sampling of the many uses of limestone. It also finds use in paper, paint, rubber manufacturing, and sewage disposal. If you'd like more information on this truly versatile material, please contact us, and we'll be glad to tell you more.


Customer Information:

C & E Concrete's high purity limestone is sized to the customer's specification and in addition can be processed further and supplied as:


PLS — Pulverized Limestone — or GCC — Ground Calcium Carbonate — or Rock Dust — with grades of mean particle size from 20 mesh to 325 mesh.



The plant also has the ability to produce high purity limestone that can be shipped in bulk, tote options (2,000lbs. or 2,500lbs.) or 50lbs. bags. Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request.


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Ecology Blocks

Ecology blocks are a fantastic example of C&E Concrete's commitment to sustainable concrete production. These are large concrete blocks manufactured from leftover or unused concrete. In the past, such materials would have been wasted, hauled away to a landfill site. By reusing the materials, ecology blocks save on the energy and resource consumption that would have been necessary in order to fill the needs of other projects.

Our blocks are cast into either a half block or a full block, using nearly a half or full yard of concrete. They measure 2' x 2' x 3' for a half block and 2' x 2' x 6' for a full block. The full block weighs roughly 3850 lbs, while the half block weighs 1900 lbs. Each type comes with a picking eye of #5 rebar located in the spacing between the tongues in the top of each block. This picking eye aids in loading, unloading, and placing the blocks with a crane or backhoe capable of lifting and moving 4000 lbs. (Please note that C&E can offer delivery and unloading of ecology blocks, but we cannot place or perform any type of construction work at your project.)

Ecology blocks are often used for permanent or temporary restraining walls, bulkheads, storage bunkers for bulk materials, and traffic diverters, though they have a number of other applications, as well.

C&E Concrete offers ecology blocks in three finished styles: scratched & framed, plain brick, and river rock. The color and appearance of the blocks themselves are fairly random and inconsistent, as they are composed of materials returned from job sites. Upon request, though, C&E can produce finished styles, colors, and mixed designs according to client specifications.

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Recycled Concrete and Asphalt

Recycled concrete and asphalt products are created by breaking, removing, and crushing existing concrete or asphalt to a preferred size. The resulting product is often used as a base layer for other construction materials due to the fact that it compacts to form a firm surface.

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Concrete Bumper Stops

Our concrete bumper blocks and stops are made to last. C&E produces wheel chalks that are reinforced with two #4 rebars inside for added strength. They are made with two 3/4" holes so that they may be pinned and secured. Two center portions of the bottom are slightly raised to allow for water drainage and forklift access.

Uses & Applications:

These standard car stops are a safety measure. They can be placed in parking stalls to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, medians, or other restricted areas.

Parking bumpers come in 2 sizes:

- 4’ parking bumpers are 4’ long, 9" wide, and 5" high.
- 6’ parking bumpers are 6' long, 9" wide, and 5" high.

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