Why Choose C&E Concrete?


C&E Has a Long History of Excellence

This year will mark forty years – 40! – that C&E has been providing the area with high-quality services and products. At the core of our company is a desire to provide the highest level of service and quality, and we bring that into every customer interaction and every product we make.

Highways, auditoriums, buildings, all are made possible through the use of limestone. At C&E Concrete, we like to think of what we do as providing the building blocks that bring people together.

C&E Is Family-Owned and Operated

Thanks to the support of our community, C&E Concrete has seen a good deal of growth over the last 40 years, but that hasn't changed the fact that we remain family-owned and operated. Since this is a family business, we're committed to making sure we've got outstanding people working for us, both inside and outside of the office. That ensures that everyone you'll meet at C&E is highly skilled and dedicated.

C&E Does It Better, and at a Competitive Price

At C&E, we offer you an all-around service at a great price. Whereas other companies tend to focus only on the materials they produce themselves, C&E pulls in materials from all over New Mexico to meet our customers' needs.

Like we said before, our goal is to help bring people together, so we're willing to take on any job – big or small – in order to meet our customers' needs, and we'll do so at a price you can't beat.

C&E Works to Strengthen Its Community

Working with C&E means you're working with C&E's community as well. We don't just pull materials from our communities; we use them to help build a foundation in those communities. That means financial support for municipalities and counties, including churches, sports teams, college scholarships, and a range of other organizations in need of support.

C&E Is Committed to Sustainability

One of the misconceptions surrounding a crushing operation like C&E is that we can't do what we do without destroying the earth. We don't believe that's true, and so we make every effort to ensure that we're giving back to the earth just as much as we do to our community.

The first way we do that is with one of our main products: limestone. As we note on its product page, limestone is quite useful in helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint. C&E supplies limestone to PNM and other companies, thereby allowing them to reduce the environmental impact of their emissions.

The other way we give back to the planet is through our replanting efforts. For every acre that C&E taps in order to produce products like limestone, we reclaim another acre via a replanting project. It's our way of making sure that, when we do business, we do it in a manner that ensures future generations are able to enjoy the land that has given us so much.

C&E Is Committed to Safety

We take safety very seriously at C&E Concrete, and every employee we bring on is regularly briefed on the most up-to-date safety regulations. That means daily safety meetings, where we make sure everyone is aware of the safety-related particulars of a job site. It also means annual training in MSHA, First Aid, and OSHA standards. Again, we're a family operation, so we have to look out for our workers.