Trucks / Capabilities

C&E Concrete’s transportation is one of the largest heavy-haul trucking fleets in the Western New Mexico region, with access to more than 120 trucks. The C&E fleet has enough diversification to handle almost any transportation and material need. C&E provides transportation services to General Contractors, Government Agencies, Residential Customers, and Agricultural Customers.

C&E Concrete is fully vertically integrated, as we manufacture and distribute all our own product. This means that there is no middleman, because every step of the process is handled by C&E. Our vertical integration allows us to offer our customers the highest quality product at the most competitive price.

The team we’ve brought together at C & E Concrete provides an expertise that no one else in our market can match.

The knowledge and experience that we have on hand enables us to know (without a doubt) that we are providing the best quality product in the market.  With a full scope of work that includes city and state approved mixes along with our outstanding residential and commercial mixes, there is no job beyond our capabilities.

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